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Burner Alcohol Glass

Product Code : JL-LEP-10255

This is used to produce hot, consistent open flame.
For slow/gentle heating of glasswares and substances.
Can withstand prolonged heating without breaking.
Visually determine the identity of an unknown metal or metalloid ion based on the characteristic color the chemical/salt emits on the Bunsen flame to investigate reactions of ions and apply these in qualitative analysis through an activity, on Flame Test.
Bend a glass tubing.
Heat, to sterilize, to accelerate, and to trigger chemical reactions.
For combustion purposes and techniques.

Shape : A globe-shaped body and flat base (bottom) with threaded mouth
Material : Sturdy, heavy walled, clear, transparent, bubble-free glass with the following dimensions
Outside Diameter : 80 mm to 85 mm
Total height: 100 mm to105 mm
Capacity : 150 mL
With wick holder permanently attached to a threaded base
Material of wick holder and cover/caps : Nickel- plated brass
Type of wick holder : Threaded
With one (1) pc cotton fiber/strand braided wick perfectly fitted to the wicktube
Material of wick : Cotton fiber/strand
Type of wick: Braided
Length: 7 inches (178 mm) min
Diameter: 3/16 inches (5-6 mm)
With snuff/snap-on cover/cap
With ten (10) pc replacement braided cotton fiber/strand wicks
As per DEPED Guidelines. 


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