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Face Protection

Face shields are intended to protect the entire face or portions of it from impact hazards such as flying fragments, objects, large chips, and particles. When worn alone, face shields do not protect employees from impact hazards. Use face shields in combination with safety spectacles or goggles, even in the absence of dust or potential splashes, for additional protection beyond that offered by spectacles or goggles alone. Face shield windows are made with different transparent materials and in varying degrees or levels of thickness. These levels should correspond with specific tasks. Window and headgear devices are available in various combinations to enable the worker to select the appropriate equipment. Face Protection Manufacturers, Face Protection in India, Face Protection Suppliers, Face Protection Manufacturers in India.

Face Protection FC Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-FP-10149

Material : Clear polycarbonate. Thickness : 1.5 mm.

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Face Shield Welding Blue

Product Code : JA-FP-10150

Flip type front window with clear and DIN glass. Custom size.

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Face Shield Welding Yellow

Product Code : JA-FP-10151

Flip type front window with clear and DIN glass Welding face shield

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Ratchet Type Face Shield Carrier

Product Code : JA-FP-10152

Material: High impact resistance ABS. Colour: Orange.

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Face Shield Welding

Product Code : JA-FP-10153

Protective films on both sides (prevent damages and scratches during transportation).

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FC 100 Face Shield Carrier Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-FP-10154

Thickness: 1.0 mm. 99.9 % UV protection.

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FC 200 Face Shield Carrier Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-FP-10155

Face shield carrier for ultra helmets.

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A3 Face Shield Carrier

Product Code : JA-FP-10156

Colour: Black. Material: Engineering plastics.

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Non Woven Face Mask

Product Code : JA-FP-10365

Blue color BEF 99%

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Safety Face Mask

Product Code : JA-FP-10366

Wearing Method:Ear Hook Ear Rope:Can be adjusted to the appropriate position according to face size.

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Plastic Face Shield Mask

Product Code : JA-FP-10367

Suitable for COVID-19 Safety Healthcare workers, handling infected patients. Thickness: 0.2mm

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Particulate Protective Face Mask, Melt-Blown

Product Code : JA-FP-10368

Headband:Natural Fabric Headband with Adjustable Buckle Wearing:Head-mounted

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