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Connector is basically used to connect one rope to another. A mechanism or device used to join together components of a personal fall arrest system (for example a carabiner) or parts of a component within the system (such as a D-ring on a body harness). Connectors Suppliers, Fall Protection Connectors, Connectors in India, Connectors Manufacturers, Connectors Exporters in India.

Anchor Connector

Product Code : JA-C-10298

Class-A Connectors are connectors used for specific type of anchors.

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Multi-Use Connectors

Product Code : JA-C-10299

Connectors are for general use which may be loaded on either the major or minor axis.

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Termination Connectors

Product Code : JA-C-10300

Class-T connectors come with a captive eye.

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Steel Alloy Hook Connector

Product Code : JA-C-10301

Strength: 25 kN. Opening: 56 mm.

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Light Weight Tower Anchor Hook

Product Code : JA-C-10302

Opening: 75 mm. Strength: 25 kN.

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Connectors 100 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-C-10303

Opening: 17 mm. Strength: 22 kN.

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Connectors 101 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-C-10304

Opening:19 mm. Strength: 20 kN.

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Connectors 102 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-C-10305

Strength: 25 kN. Opening: 16 mm.

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Connectors 103 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-C-10306

Strength: 25 kN. Aluminium alloy karabiner with screw gate

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Connectors 104 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-C-10307

Opening: 22 mm. Strength: 25 kN.

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Connectors 105 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-C-10308

Opening: 22 mm. Strength: 22 kN.

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Connectors 106 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-C-10309

Steel quarter turn hook. Opening: 25 mm.

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Connectors 107 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-C-10310

Opening: 18 mm. Forged alloy steel

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Connectors 108 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-C-10311

Opening: 56 mm. Weight: 475 gm.

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Connectors 109 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-C-10312

Snap hook. Forged alloy steel.

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