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Head Protection

Protective hats for head protection against impact blows must be able to withstand penetration and absorb the shock of a blow. In some cases, hats should also protect against electric shock. Recognized standards for hats have been established. Each type and class of head protector is intended to provide protection against specific hazardous conditions. An understanding of these conditions will help in selecting the right hat for the particular situation. Hats and caps under Class A are intended for protection against impact hazards. They are used in mining, shipbuilding, tunneling, construction, lumbering, and manufacturing. Class B utility service hats and caps protect the wearer head from impact and penetration by falling or flying objects and from high-voltage shock and burn. They are used extensively by electrical workers. The safety hat or cap in Class C is designed specifically for lightweight comfort an impact protection. This class is usually manufactured from aluminum and offers no dielectric protection. Class C helmets are used in certain construction and manufacturing occupations, oil fields, refineries, and chemical plants where there is no danger from electrical hazards or corrosion. They also are used on occasions where there is a possibility of bumping the head against a fixed object. Head Protection in India, Head Protection Manufacturers, Head Protection Suppliers, Head Protection Exporters in India.


Product Code : JA-HP-10157

Polycarbonate material 5 point textile suspension with ratchet fit adjustment

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Head Protection Ultra Pro 1004 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-HP-10158

4 point textile cradle suspension with fixed ratchet mechanism.

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Head Protection Proton 2000 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-HP-10159

4 point plastic/textile cradle with fixed ratchet mechanism. Breathable cloth

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Head Protection Ultra 2560 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-HP-10160

6 point Plastic/Textile suspension with slip or rachet fit adjustment

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Head Protection Fusion 500 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-HP-10161

Electrical resistance up to 2 kVA electrical power.

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Head Protection Ultra Vent 4000 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-HP-10162

Chin strap is adjustable 6 point plastic suspension with slip fit or ratchet fit

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Head Protection Vista 400 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-HP-10163

Brushed cloth on foam Size: 53cm - 60cm

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Head Protection Thermo Guard 100 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-HP-10164

Adjustable chin strap Size- 53cm-60cm

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Head Protection UI 1211 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-HP-10165

Colours: White (W) , Grey (Gr), Blue (B) ,Yellow (Y) ,Red (R) , Green

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Head Protection UI 101 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-HP-10166

Accessories: Compatible with face accessories Weight: 320 Grams

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Head Protection UI 102 Jaincolab

Product Code : JA-HP-10167

Peak: 23 mm Size: 53 cm - 61 cm

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Head Protection Bump Cap

Product Code : JA-HP-10168

Inner Plastics shell provide light weight head protection. Available in Black colour.

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Disposable Cap, Non Woven

Product Code : JA-HP-10369

6 Kg/carton 2000 Pcs/carton

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