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Computer Controlled Subsonic Wind Tunnel

Product Code : JA-FMAHLE-9931

Computer Controlled Subsonic Wind Tunnel
Broad array of models for aerodynamics as well as air flow studies
Selection of electronic or water manometer banks
Computer controlled air flow
Transparent working part for visibility
150mm (6" nominal) square working section
Fast release connectors on manometer tubes & quick release fastenings for convenient model changing

Models mounted in side wall of working section incorporate quick release catches
Electronic watchdog allows for remote operation
Complete with educational software & data logging.
Removable base to working part so as to allow the insertion of complex or large models
Flow visualization facility included
Clear acrylic working section (150mm x 150mm x 455mm) for excellent visibility
Small computer controlled wind tunnel for undergraduate teaching
Inverter controlled AC fan for accurate speed control up to 34m/s air velocity
Large spectrum of optional models & instrumentation
Single-way or Multi-way fast release connectors between manometers and models.
Air flow studies option available comprising Bernoulli apparatus


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