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Gas Laws Demonstration Unit

Product Code : JA-HTLE-9205

Gas Laws Demonstration Unit
The unit consists of two vessels connected by a large bore pipe and valve together with an integral air pump.
A small scale bench top accessory designed to allow experimental investigation of the first law of thermodynamics using the perfect gas law and the expansion of air.
The pump can be used to both pressurize one vessel and evacuate the other.
Additional valves allow the vessels to be used in isolation; venting to or from the atmosphere and in a combined arrangement where the pressurized vessel can vent into the evacuated vessel.
The vessels and interconnecting pipework are constructed from impact resistant plastic and for operator safety, pressure switches limit the operating pressures to safe levels.
Low inertia thermocouple sensors located in each vessel record the air temperatures and individual pressure transducers record the chamber pressures.


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