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Tubular Heat Exchanger

Product Code : JA-HTLE-9204

Tubular Heat Exchanger
A small-scale Tubular Heat Exchanger system for use with Jainco Heat Exchange Service Unit to teach the fundamental concepts of heat exchangers.
The outer section constructed from clear acrylic for visibility and the inner tube from stainless steel.
Comprises a number of sections of concentric tubes.
A comprehensive instruction manual is included.
The tubes are easily dismantled for cleaning.

Temperature measurement points:

6 off:
• Hot fluid mid-position
• Hot fluid outlet

• Hot fluid inlet 
• Cold fluid mid-position

• Cold fluid inlet 
• Cold fluid outlet

10 off:
• Hot fluid inlet
• Hot fluid interim positions (3)
• Hot fluid outlet 
• Cold fluid inlet
• Cold fluid interim positions (3) 
• Cold fluid outlet 

Number of tube sections:


4 (can also be configured for
1, 2 or 3 sections)

Heat transfer area:


0.08m2 max



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