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Manometer Open U-Tube

Product Code : JL-LEP-10268

This is used to indicate the difference in the heights of the manometric liquid to measure pressure by getting the pressure difference
Type: Differential pressure manometer
Shape : U-shaped glass tube partially filled with liquid, with no moving parts and requires no calibration
Material : Glass
With a 50 cm arm with funnel top on one arm and 4.5 cm bent (90°) with 15 mm rifted tip on another arm for easy connection
U-tube is mounted on a board, fixed on a wooden stand for vertical mounting
a) Material of stand : Wooden
b) Dimensions of back plate
Length : 540 mm
Width : 90mm
A millimeter scale is fitted between the arms of the tube.
a) Scale having graduation range: 0-50 cm
b) Graduation increment : 1 mm, with 0 at the bottom.
a) With latex tubing, glass wall 1 mm thickness, 8 mm inner diameter.
Material of rubber tubing: Non-toxic non-tacky latex-rubber tubing for the laboratory activity.
Length of rubber tube: 3 meters.
As per DEPED Guidelines. 


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