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Rubber Stopper for Erlenmeyer Flask 1 Hole

Product Code : JL-LEP-10274

This is used to seal the openings of narrow mouth 250 mL Erlenmeyer flasks and other laboratory glassware that require a tighter seal or a greater degree of chemical resistance with one hole opening for insertion of a thermometer, glass tubing or stirrer for use during chemical reaction to prevent leaks, hazards and contamination.
Shape: Cylindrical with a tapered bottom end
Material : Premium grade SBR black rubber compound with the following dimensions:
a) Height: 25 mm
b) Top Ǿ: 32 mm
c) Bottom Ǿ : 26 mm
d) Hole Ǿ: 5 mm
Number of holes : With one (1) hole
Dimension tolerance on height, top and bottom diameter : ± 0.5 mm
Hardness : 40 ± 5 Duro.
As per DEPED Guidelines. 


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