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Disc Polishing Machine

Product Code : JA-ME-6598
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Disc Polishing Machine

  • Single Disc (Variable Speed Portable Type): It is compact complete unit with independent driving motor, speed change arrangement, swan neck tap, drain pot, guard, and cover and ON/ OFF switch.
  • Thus in this machine you have a low priced compact versatile polishing arrangement requiring minimum of maintenance in your laboratory.
  • Portable table top model having stainless steel sink with built in drain pot and sink area and fitted with swan neck tap.
  • The drive is of a 1/4 H.P. T.E.F.C., 220 Volts AC, single phase Motor employing a continuously variable speed mechanism giving speeds from 300 to 900 RPM approximately.
  • The disc of 8" dia. bronze push fits on a tapered steel spindle.
  • The spindle runs freely in two ball bearings fitted in the housing.
  • The change of speed is made with the help of a circular control wheel.
  • The machine is supplied with splash guard/ hand rest.
  • Disc cover and cloth clamping ring for fixing cloths.
  • Paper clamping ring for fixing papers on the disc, as extra accessory is available.
  • Double Disc, The machine consists basically of two independent 1/4 HP motor driven two 8" bronze discs over which polishing paper of cloth can be stretched.
  • The discs are easily replaceable, the machine is supplied with two 8" bronze disc which push fits on a tapered steel spindle which runs freely between two ball bearings fitted in the housing, Motors are mounted on a common M.S. frame.
  • The discs operate in basin of fiber glass, which collects the abrasive wastes and removes them out of the system.
  • The discs are also provided with splash guard and cover for protection when not in use.
  • The machine is also provided with swan neck tap, which can be swung on the disc for controlled addition of water during grinding and polishing or swung on to a wash basin for washing the specimen during intermediate examinations.
  • The whole unit is a self contained table with easy accessibility to mechanism.
  • All controls are brought to the front for ease of operation.
  • The machine operates on 220 V AC with a 1/4 H.P., T.E.F.C., single phase motor which provides continuously variable speed from 300 rpm to 900 rpm by means of a circular control wheel.
  • DO- similar to above but with 2 bigger sinks for 10" bronze discs provided with 1/2 H.P., T.E.F.C., 220 V AC single phase motor.


  • Specifications:
  • Table Top design fixed Speed
  • 8” Disc Diameter Standard
  • 1440 RPM
  • Quiet Belt driven Corrosion Resistant Fibre Reinforced Plastic Cover Body with 0.5 HP AC motor operation


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