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Power Electronics Lab

Product Code : JA-BT-1494

Power Electronics Lab

Technical Specifications:

DC power supply on board:

  • ± 5V at 100mA
  • ± 12V at 150mA
  • ± 15V at 50mA
  • ± 35V at 50mA

AC power supply on board:

  • 18V - 0V - 18V at 50mA
  • 15V - 0V - 15V at 50mA

Triggering circuit on board:

  • 5 gate signal output

Frequency range:

  • 40Hz to 900Hz Variable


  • 12V
  • PWM control of G1,G2,G3 and G4 duty cycle control of “Gate” signal is 0 to 100%

Single phase rectifier:

  • Firing angle control 0°-180° variables

Firing circuit on board:

  • Four gate signal output with isolation

SCR assembly:

  • 4 SCRs 2P4M, 600V,2A

Power devices:

  • IGBT-G4BC20S, MOSFET-IRF540, UJT-2N2646, DIAC-DB3, TRIAC-BT136, PUT-2N6027

Circuit components on board:

  • Capacitor 0.01uF, 0.047uF , 0.1uF, 0.33uF, 1uF/63V(4Nos.) 2.2uF/50V
  • Diode 1N4007 (8Nos.)
  • Zener Diode 9V (1Nos.)
  • Inductors 10mH, (1Nos.), 68mH (2Nos.)
  • Load resistance 120E, 270E, 1K, 2K2, each 5W
  • Resistance on board (½ W) 22E/5W, 100E/2W, 220E/2W
  • Resistance on board(1/4W) 10K (3Nos.), 22K,33K,47K,
  • Potentio meter 4K7(2Mos.), 1M(1Nos.)

Pulse transformer on board:

  • 2 Nos. PT4502, 1:1 and one is PT4503 1:1:1

Toggle switch:

  • SPST (1Nos.)

Power requirements:

  • 220V ±10%, 50Hz



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