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Logic Lab

Product Code : JA-BT-1484

Logic Lab 

  • The digital lab covers regular digital circuits by solder-less interconnections on breadboard and as well as compatible with all optional modules through use of 2mm brass terminals and patch cords.
  • The design of the equipment is easy to operate and understand.
  • It is equipped with various kinds of basic logic gates, debounced logical switches, LED indicators, DC power supply with short circuit protection, pulse generator and solder less bread board.
  • The unit housed in attractive enclosure is supplied with mains cord, patch cords, Instruction manual.
  • Learners in high schools, Polytechnic Colleges and Universities, can use the trainer as independent activity tool.

Experimental Coverage:

  • Logic gates operation
  • To prove De-Morgan’s theorem with Boolean logic equations
  • Binary to Gray code conversion
  • Gray code to Binary conversion
  • Binary to Excess-3 code conversion
  • Binary Adder and Sub tractor
  • Binary Multiplier
  • EX-OR gate implementation
  • Application of EX-OR gate
  • To verify the dual nature of Logic Gates
  • Study of Flip-Flops RS, JK,


Basic Logic Gate Units:

  • It contains 6 kinds of logic gates, i.e. AND GATE X 6, OR GATE X 6, NAND GATE X 6, NOR GATE X 6, XOR GATE X 3, NOT GATE X 3
  • Input voltage of Hl level > 2.25V Input voltage of LO level < 0.8V

DC Power Supply: 

  • Output voltage +5V ± 5% Max.
  • Output current 1 Amp. Line regulation<50mV Load regulation < 100mV
  • Output voltage – 5V ± 5% Max.
  • Output current 500 mA Line regulation<25mV Load regulation < 30mV
  • Output voltage ± 15V ± 5%Max.
  • Output current 500 mA
  • Line regulation<150mV
  • Load regulation<150mV
  • Equipped with short circuit protection and indicator

Pulse Generator: 

  • 3 kinds of time interval, 1 sec, 0.1 sec, 0.01 sec. Output voltage +5V

Debounced Logic Switch: 

  • 4 No’s HI / LO LED Indicator:
  • 8 Bits LED Output Indicator, Max.
  • Input Voltage<= 15V DC


  • Interconnected Solder less Breadboard having 2120 tie points, fitting all DIP sizes and all components with lead and solid wire AWG 22-30 (0.3 – 0.8 mm)


  • Mains Cord
  • Instruction Manual
  • Red & Black patch cords (2mm with Pin) 10 each
  • Red & Black patch cord (Pin to Pin) 10 each
  • Wire 24/25 SWG
  • 1Meter each 5 Color



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