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Analog Lab

Product Code : JA-BT-1482


Analog Lab

  • These product are specially designed to facilitate elementary as well as advance training of analog electronics.
  • Analog lab is provided with DC regulated power supplies, function generator, dmm and continuity tester.


Regulated DC Power Supply:

  • +5V at 1 Amp,
  • -5V at 1Amp,
  • +12V/0 to 20V at 500mA,
  • -12 V/0 to -20V at 500 mA

AC Supply:

  • 5-0-5V,
  • 10-0-10V at 100mA.
  • Can be used as 5V,10V,15V,20V and also as center tap

Function Generator:

  • Sine / Square / Triangular waveforms frequency 1 Hz to 110 KHz in 5 Steps.
  • Variable in between steps. 
  • Sine / Square / Triangular waveform output 50mV ~10Vpp variable

Digital Meter (3½Digit):

  • Dual range DC voltmeter 0-20 V / Ammeter 0-200mA

Continuity Tester:

  • For testing the continuity.
  • Provided with Beeper Sound


  • 3 Potentiometers (1K, 100K and 100K) with terminals

On Board Switches:

  • 2 Switches Single pole double through


  • 230 V ± 10%, 50 Hz


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