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Bread Board Circuit Lab

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Bread Board Circuit Lab

The Trainer Cover The Following Experiment:

  • Study of basic gates and verification of their truth tables
  • Study and verifications of the law of Boolean algebra and De-Morgan’s theorems
  • Study of important TTL terminologies. Verification of important TTL Circuit parameters
  • Construction and verification of various types of flip - flops using gates and IC’s
  • Construction and verification of various types of combinational circuits
  • Construction and verification of various types of counters
  • Construction and Verification of 4 Bit Universal Shift Register
  • Many other experiments are possible using the on board components and Bread board

Special Feature:

Bread boards:

  • Unique solder-less large size, spring loaded breadboard consisting of two Terminal Strips with 1280 tie points and 4 Distribution Strips with 100 tie points each, totaling to 1680 tie points. (Size:112mm x 170mm approx)

IC based DC Reg.:

  • (a). +12 V / 500 mA (fixed and with facility to vary from 0 to +12 V)
  • (b). -12 V / 500 mA (fixed and with facility to vary from 0 to -12 V).
  • (c).+ 5V ± 0.25V / 500mA (fixed)

Digital meters:

  • (a). Dual range DC voltmeter (20 V / 200V). (3.5 Digit)
  • (b). Dual range DC current meter (200 mA / 2A)

Continuity Tester:

  • Audio / Visual indication

Clock Generators:

  • (a). 0.1Hz, b. 1Hz, c. 100Hz, d. 1KHz.
  • Simultaneous independent fixed TTL ( 5V ) outputs

Manual Pulser:

  • One independent buffered bounce less manual pulser (useful for freezing the action of each stage of the counter after every clock pulse)

Logic Level Inputs:

  • Eight independent buffered logic level inputs to select High / Low TTL levels, each with a LED to indicate high / low status and termination

Logic Level:

  • Eight independent buffered logic level indicators for High / Low status indication Indicators of digital outputs

AC Supplies:

  • 9 - 0 - 9 V AC / 500 mA


  • 8 ohms miniature speaker with terminations


  • 3 Potentiometers ( 1K, 10K and 100K ) with terminations

Power ON:

  • Power ON switch with indicator for mains on indication and fuse for protection

Patch Cords:

  • Set of 25 assorted colored single stand hook - up wires.
  • Set of 15 assorted colored multi - stand wires with 2mm stackable plug termination at one end & hook-up wire termination at the other end

Components provided:

  • IC-7400/1, 7402/1, 7408/1, 7432/1, 7404/1, 7490/1, 7495/1, 7486/1, 7476/2, 7410/2

Power Requirement:

  • 230V + 10% single phase AC



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