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Semi Automatic Mounting Press

Product Code : JA-ME-7354

Semi Automatic Mounting Press
The mounting press is a mechanical type machine. 
The thermoset plastics together with specimen being mounted is formed under heated conditions. 
During this process, the pressure is self-adjusted by a spring fixed inside the machine. 
By turning the hand-wheel of the machine, a couple of bevel gear is rotated to drive the screw rod which in turn pushes/pulls the lower die up and down along the mould sleeve. 
A signal light is used to indicate the pressure level.
The mounting press is equipped with a digital temperature controller to establish real-time temperature meanwhile. 
For each specimen-mounting, 8-10 minutes is enough and a mirror-like specimen can be acquired.
A timer is equipped to realize the semi-automation of the sample - making, while obviously increasing working efficiency. 


Specimen Pressing Size




Heater Capacity

650W 220V

Adjustable Temperature Range

0 - 400ºC


15% 220V 50Hz voltage fluctuation less than + 15%

Overall dimensions

340mm x 270mm x 400mm


25 Kg. (approx.)



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